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Original scientific paper

Everyday Life of a Typical Orthodox Serb Family in Podravina between the Two World Wars

Filip Škiljan orcid id ; Serb National Council, Zagreb, Croatia

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The author paints a picture of an ordinary life of a typical Orthodox Serb family in Đurđevac, Koprivnica and Ludbreg municipalities in the period between the two world wars. The main source of information is the feedback from 18 survey respondents, interviewed in 2010 in the three municipalities. Beside respondents’ answers, the author provides a parallel with Roman Catholics of the area, their own customs and everyday life. Here the author used the original archives from Institute for ethnology and folklore, archives from Croatian Academy of Sciences & Arts Ethnology department; published articles and memories of living contemporaries. In conclusion, the author suggests that in the research period both Orthodox Serbs and Roman Catholics alike share very similar customs and everyday life experiences, sometimes interwoven through mixed marriages, common worship to God and sacred vows of Catholics to Orthodox saints and vice-versa - the Orthodox Serbs to Roman Catholic


Podravina; Twentieth century; customs; Serbs; Orthodox Christian

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