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Original scientific paper

Sociology of Culture and Cultural Studies: Towards a Postsocialist Reconciliation

Ksenija Vidmar Horvat ; Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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This paper investigates the relationship between the sociology of culture and cultural studies. It is argued that the relationship calls for a more in-depth inquiry because the two strands of analysis of culture bear much in common; yet, due to mutual misconceptions and misunderstanding of the research goals, their common agenda is often ignored (or even opposed). In addition, the shared legacies are often obscured by geographic and intellectual cultures that fall within the dividing lines between Western (democratic capitalist) and Eastern European (postsocialist) epistemological orientations in studying social change. As a result, both fields are losing in their theoretical power and practical pedagogy. The paper points to the origins of some of the mutual misconceptions with the goal of showing the potential for the mutually enforcing intellectual energy if the sociology of culture and cultural studies shift their relationship from practicing ignorance to embracing a dialogue.


sociology of culture, cultural studies, postsocialism, Marxism, class, critical pedagogy, intellectuals

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