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Herpes Zoster - Case Report

Jelka Leušić-Barbarić ; Stomatološka poliklinika Perkovčeva 3, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Ana Cekić-Arambašin ; Klinički zavod za bolesti usta Stomatološka klinika Gunduličeva 5, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Herpes zoster may also affect oral mucosa following peripheral distribution of the trigeminal nerve. The diagnosis is facilitated by simultaneous occurrence o f pathologic skin alterations. The diagnosis should be confirmed by virus isolation. Therapeutic approach should be thus combined as to treat all the accompanying symptoms, i.e.:
1. virustatic behavior (protein synthesis inhibitors and DNA polymerization antagonists); acyclovir, virolex 2. antiinflammatory therapy to prevent secondary infection 3. analgetic therapy for pain relief 4. therapy for stimulation of epithelization; solcoreryl, B-complex 5. therapy for tissue biostimulation; soft laser} radiation.


Herpes zoster; case report

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