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Preliminary communication

Temperature Changes Inside the Molar Pulp Chamber and on the Enamel and Root Surfaces Induced by the CO2 Laser Beam, in vitro: Preliminary report

Ivica Anić ; School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Adil Džubur ; Expert Measurement and Analysis system »EMAS« Zagreb, Croatia

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The thermal effects of continuous wave CO2 laser irradiation on human molars, in vitro, were investigated. Internal and external temperature changes and temperature distribution over external crown and root surfaces were monitored by thermovision camera and the data were analyzed by computerized thermal image processing system. Laser irradiation of the cavity bottom Class I preparation by 2 and 3 W results due to the first 10 seconds after laser action were stopped in an maximal elevation o f intrapulpal temperature of 7.34°C and 7.97°C respectively.


CO2 laser, temperature changes, pulp chamber, enamel, root surface

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