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Original scientific paper

Advantage of use of activated flux-cored wire instead of solid wire with the mag welding process from the mechanical properties aspect

N. Bajić ; Techno-experts d.o.o – Research and Development Center, Serbia
D. Bajić ; University of Montenegro, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Montenegro
D. Veljić ; Techno-experts d.o.o – Research and Development Center, Serbia
M. Rakin ; University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Serbia

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page 453-456

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The objective of this paper is the analysis and evaluation of the quality of the new flux-cored wire designed for the MAG welding process that was developed and produced using special laboratory equipment. Experimental welding was performed with the new activated flux-cored wire and classic solid wire with changing of welding parameters and shielding gas composition (100 % CO2 and gas mixtures of Ar + CO2 + O2).


welding, electrode, activated flux-cored wire, solid wire, heat affected zone

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