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Original scientific paper

A cost-benefit analysis of preventive fissure sealing

Angelina Maras ; Katedra za kliničku pedodonciju, Stom atološki studij M edicinski fakultet, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Hrvatska

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Results are presented of a two-year study performed in 216 first permanent molars after a preventive procedure of closing cavities and fissures, conducted to test the efficiency and economy of the method. An economic cost-benefit analysis showed the ratio (benefit/cost = 1.87) to be almost twice as expensive when a single-facet amalgam filling was applied as compared to closing fissures on the masticatory areas of permanent molars, taking into account the time or money spent. The more so, an empirical hypothesis would clearly show that in a half of the cases, instead of fissure sealings should fillings be inserted later on, whereas in anotehr half the treatment would be required, which would make the cost-benefit ratio even four times as expensive (benefit/cost = 3.87). Based on the results obtained, closure of fissures sealing of masticatory areas with resin materials was found to be a rational method, an efficient and valuable health care measure with in the scope of caries prevention in school children.


fissure sealing, cost-benefit analysis

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