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Preliminary communication

Re-dating of three Ancient Egyptian artefacts from Naqada I-III and the Archaic Period in the Mimara Museum in Zagreb

Mladen Tomorad orcid id ; University of Zagreb, Centre for Croatian Studies, Department of History

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Approximately 4500 to 5000 Egyptian artefacts are presently kept in more than 25 museums and private collections in Croatia. Only one of these museums and one private collection contain artefacts from the Naqada and the Early dynastic (Archaic) periods. Three of these are kept in the Mimara Museum in Zagreb: a red breccia vessel, an alabaster bowl, and a small terracotta bottle. All other artefacts are kept in the private collection of Mr. Bošnjak from Kutina and they include various vessels and containers from the Naqada I–III cultures and certain other objects from the Archaic period. These objects were only previously mentioned in a small catalogue (Bobovec 1991) and a paper (Tomorad 2009: 539). The analysis presented in this paper shows that all these artefacts were crafted earlier than previously thought. New dates are proposed based on new comparative material from the collections around the world, and several new papers, museum catalogues and books about Pre-dynastic and Archaic periods.


Ancient Egypt; Mimara Museum in Zagreb; Naqada I–III; Archaic period (Dynasty I–II); vessels; bowls; Hathor

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