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Original scientific paper

Conductometric Study of Hydrobromic Acid in 2-Propanol + Water Mixtures

Ivo Tominić
Renato Tomaš
Marija Višić
Vesna Sokol

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page 537-543

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Molar conductivity of HBr in 2-propanol + water mixtures, with alcohol mass fractions of 70, 80, 90 and 95 %, was determined at five temperatures in the region from 288.15 to 308.15 K. Data were processed by the Lee-Wheaton conductivity equation, with parameter R set at q (Bjerrum’s pairing distance) and the following quantities were obtained: limiting molar conductivity (Λ0) and activation energy of the ionic movement (&DeltaH‡), as well as the equilibrium constant (K) and the thermodynamic quantities for the ion-association reaction. Some of these quantities were compared with those obtained earlier for NaBr in the same mixed solvent. Differences in the behaviour of hydrogen and sodium ions were interpreted in terms of their size, as well as solvent basicity, structure, and permittivity.


hydrobromic acid; 2-propanol + water mixtures; molar conductivity; ion-pair association; thermodynamic quantities

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