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Original scientific paper

Knowledge production in kinesiology as viewed through the titles of papers published in an academic journal – a linguistic approach

Darija Omrčen orcid id ; Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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The aim of this research was to try to present, on the basis of titles of papers published in an academic journal, knowledge production in kinesiology. The sample consisted of 781 titles of papers published in the journal Kinesiologija/Kinesiology from 1971 to 2011. The list of lexical items used for this investigation to analyse, both diachronically and contextually, knowledge production connected with the science of human movement consisted of the following items: structure, structural; movement, motion, motor, motor ability; activity, exercise, sport; change, transformation, alteration; influence, impact; and effect, effectiveness. The analysis has shown the listed lexical items to appear in a multitude of collocations and contexts, i.e. linear combinations of words, thus indicating their meaning and reflecting the body of research, which consequently shapes knowledge in the scientific discipline in question.


scientific knowledge, epistemology, human movement, language

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