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Original scientific paper

The phenomenon of supernumerary canals in the palatal roots of the first upper molars

Jozo Šutalo ; School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The phenomenon of supernumerary palatine roots and supernumerary canals in the palatal root of the first upper molar has been studied. In 2 of the 443 first upper molars examined, a supernumerary palatine root was found (incidence 0.5%). Supernumerary canals in the palatine root were detected in 4 samples, i.e. in 0.9% of the cases. The phenomenon of supernumerary roots and root canals is discussed and a presentation is made of the internal anatomy of the pulp chamber and of the location of roots and root canals in the palatine root.


Palatal root; supernumerary canals; the first upper molar

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