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Professional paper

Restorative interventions and prevention in dentistry

Vera Njemirovskij ; Zavod za morfo'logiju Stomatološkog fakulteta, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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According to observations in dental clinics the mankind is paying a considerable tribute to the higher level of their civilization in the increasing incidence of caries and periodontal diseases. The struggle against the two civilization diseases should be preventive and therapeutic. Although preventive measures show great and evident successes the main occupation of the dentist consists still in restoring through caries destroyed dental tissue. Black’s principleis are based upon mechanical and preventive approach. The mechanical approach restores lost dental tissue, the preventive means must prevent the establishment of a new caries process and pulpopathies and assure a healthly periodontai tissue. Observations using Scanning electron microscope have shown the unsufficient sealing of cavities. The conditioning of enamel is recommended using composites whenever they are indicated. Special care should be observed in the restoration of approximal caries in lateral teelth and it is strong/ly recomended the modelling of still soft amalgam in the aim of acchieving the morphological relief of tooth surface. In conclusion it is stressed that sloppy and unscrupulous work during restorative interventions enables the formation of dentai plaques. The consequences of such working habits manifest itself in secondary decay, pulpitis and peridomtail diseases. Therefore restorative interventions should aiways be of a preventive nature and lege artis.


Restoration; prevention

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