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Professional paper

Methods for the assessment of the quality of stomatological protection

Juraj Hraste ; Zavod za zaštitu zdravlja, Rijeka

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Improvement in the health condition of the oral cavity of the population in a certain region is ehe final aim of stomatological activity. The author is in favour of the application of a certain methodology in assessing the efficiency of the stomatological service, whereby the volume and the structure of the work performed may only to a certain extent present a standard of quality. It is therefore absolutely necessary to carry out a parallel assessment of the quality of work with the help of certain criteria and indicators such as : 1. the quality of the stomatological service as a whole; 2. the work of individual sectors of the stomatological service; 3. the quality of stomatological and medical interventions performed and the work of the professional staff.Special emphasis is placed on the fact that the methods and standards for the assessment of quality of the stomatological services are very complex because of the nature of the medical work which depends on many factors and therefore the majority of standards remain of orientational value only. According to the author impartiality in the assessment of the quality of the protection rendered can be achieved only if we are well acquainted with the specific requirements of the work carried out by the individual and by the service as such, whilst in the explanation of certain indicators it is indispensable to be familiar with the conditions prevailing in field work.


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