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Arsen Duplančić ; Arheološki muzej, Split

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The first part of this paper discusses the support (stipes) of the altar from the Church of St George of Radun in Kaštel Stari, which is referred to in the literature with the notation that it derives from the Church of St Martha in Bijaći. It is shown that it is in fact from Radun and that it had a hollow for a capsella reliquiarium, and in terms of shape it is closest to the support in the church of SS. Cosmas and Damian in Kaštel Gomilica of the 12th century. After that, reference is made to a fragment of a medieval inscription found in Sustipan in Kaštel Sućurac, and in connection with this closely locates the position of the ancient mausoleum and the medieval site of Sustipan. The third part of the article gives a drawing of a fragment of an arch of an altar rail from the Church of St George of Putalj in Sućurac, trace of which has been lost. At the end, archival data are given about the fragment of a gable that was once published as being a find from the Church of St Martha in Bijaći, but is in fact derived from Sumpetar by Jesenice. The article includes some correspondence relating to the ancient mausoleum of Sućurac.


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