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Original scientific paper

Dentists’ Knowledge of HIV Infection

Vanja Vučićević-Boras
Ana Cekić-Arambašin
Ivan Alajbeg
Dolores Biočina-Lukenda
Zita Blažić-Potočki
Marina Ognjenović

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A survey, which consisted of 21 questions, was conducted during 1999/2000 on 135 dentists in Croatia. Our aim was to objectify dentists’ knowledge of HIV infection. A questionnaire was divided into four groups, as following: general knowledge of HIV, protection and infection control, risks while treating HIV infected patients, and willingness to treat HIV infected patients. Only 40% of surveyed dentists know basic facts of HIV, oral manifestations and modes of transmission, and 50% of all surveyed dentists use protective masks, gloves and eyewear. More than 49% overestimate risks while treating HIV infected patients. More than 55% of all surveyed dentists are willing to treat HIV infected patients. Results of this survey show informational gaps in dentists’ knowledge of HIV infection and highlights the need for additional lectures on HIV infection.


HIV infection; dentists’ compliance

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