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Original scientific paper

What is Nazor’s Živana?

Pavao Pavličić ; Department of comparative literature, Faculty of humanities and social sciences at the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Nazor’s Živana was written in Zadar in 1902 and before a second edition in 1946, it was rewritten several times. Listing reasons why in the so far research it has - as opposed to the other works by the same author - received little attention, after a conducted analysis, the paper determines Živana’s genealogical affiliation to the epic, indicating its new aspects as well as reasons of the author’s recurring modifications. In the end it is concluded that Živana provides basis for Nazor’s alternative poetic biography, introducing new interpretations not only of this epic, but of Nazor’s whole literary opus.


Vladimir Nazor, Živana, epic, interpretation

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