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Original scientific paper

The Classification and Accentuation of the Dialects of the Eastern Ludbreg-Podravina Region

Katarina Novak

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The aim of this paper is to present the origin and distribution of the accents in the dialects of the eastern Ludbreg-Podravina region. The prosody of the dialects belonging to the area on the east of Ludbreg on the route Ludbreg – Legrad has not yet been presented in the up-to-date studies of the local dialects in this area, and this paper aims to describe the current situation subject to ongoing change due to the media influence and population migration. One of the expected changes in the development of phonology systems of local dialects is the disappearance of the difference in length. This study is a continuation of recent studies of phonology systems of the dialects of the Ludbreg-Podravina region.


accentuation; classification; Kajkavian dialect; eastern Ludbreg-Podravina region

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