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Original scientific paper

Declension and Accentuation of Neuter o-Stem Nouns in the Local Dialect of Jevšček near Livek (Nadiža/Natisone Dialect of Slovene)

Matej Šekli ; Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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In the paper the declension and the accentuation of neuter o-stem nouns in the local dialect of Jevšček near Livek (Municipality of Kobarid, Slovenia) of the Nadiško (Nadiža/Natisone) dialect of Slovene are discussed both from the diachronic and the synchronic point of view. The descriptive-linguistic perspective presents the inventory of endings and their stem distribution as well as the accent classes and their paradigms. The historical-linguistic part determines the origin of these endings and accent classes and ascribes to the described morphological and accentual systems its position in the context of Slovene and other Slavic languages.


historical linguistics; dialectology; (morpho)accentology; neuter o-stem nouns; Slovene language; Nadiško (Nadiža/Natisone) dialect of Slovene; Jevšček near Livek

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