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The Accentuation of the Dialect of the Island of Iž

Nataša Šprljan orcid id ; Centar za jadranska onomastička istraživanja Sveučilište u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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In this article the author gives a short overview of the accentual features of the dialect of the island of Iž, situated in the archipelago of Zadar. After a very brief introduction to the phonological features of the dialect, some basic features of the accentual system are given, after which more attention is given to each one of the three accents: short, long falling and čakavian acute. More examples of the realisation of the čakavian acute accent are given in order to explain its phonological status in the system. Finally, the author gives examples of pretonic and posttonic lenghts, as well as those of an old accentual shift to the proclitic.


čakavian; accent; ; acute

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