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Original scientific paper

[Torus mandibularis in patients with prostheses]

Josip Pandurić ; Stomatološka poliklinika D. Z. »Dr Petar Vitezica« Split
Krešimir Kraljević ; Zavod za mobilnu protetiku Stomatološkog fakulteta , Zagreb

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The qualitative evaluation of anatomical structures on the mandible is extremely important in patients with mobile prostheses. In a certain number of patients, the bone outgrow this bilateral on the lingual side of the lower jaw in the area of the premolar. As a rule the outgrowth does not create subjective complications untilits size interferes with speech. Problems may be more serious inplanning , preparation and wearing of mobile prosthesis. The study was conducted on 1500 randomly selected prosthetic patients — 722 males and 778 females. The purpose of the in vestigation was to confirm the frequency of torus mandibularis, its site, kind and the frequency of the imultaneous apearence of mandibular and palatinal torus. Torus mandibularis was confirmed in 158 (10.53%) examinees: the ratio of male to female was about the same. Solitary bilateral torus mandibularis was the most frequent (70.3%) and multiple unilateral torus mandibularis was the rarest (3.2%). Combined bilateral torus mandibularis, which has not been reported in literature, was also found. In total there were 81% bilateral torus mandibularis and 10% unilateral. Both torus mandibularis and torus palatinus were found in 3.6% of the examines.


torus mandibularis; torus palatinus

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