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Review article

Surgical Treatment of Large Mandibular Cysts

Klara Sokler
Sebastijan Sandev
Joško Grgurević

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Based on a review of available literature sources on the treatment of large mandibular cysts, a comparison of various treatment approaches has been performed in order to identify similarities and differences between the treatment approaches used by domestic and foreign authors.
The review shows that basic principles of the treatment of large mandibular cysts are changing in Croatia as well as abroad. Marsupialisation methods are being gradually replaced by different methods which all primarily close the bone defect, as in the Partsch II method. Methods differ only in the approach used to close it. The common goal of all these methods is to reduce the postoperative bone defect in order to reduce the possibility of coagulation, infections and to heal the wounds primarily.
These methods lead to significantly reduced duration of the treatment of large mandibular cysts.
The choice of the most suitable method is left to the surgeon, who, based on his experience and results obtained with a particular method in the past, has to choose the method which will pose the least possible stress on the patient and ensure the shortest treatment time.


odontogenic cysts; surgical treatment

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