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Professional paper

Immediate Complete Denture

Sonja Kraljević
Josip Pandurić
Tomislav Badel
Robert Ćelić

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An immediate complete denture is a restoration for lost natural teeth and associated tissues, which is inserted into the patient's mouth immediately following the extraction of the remaining teeth.
The purpose of the paper is to draw the dentist/practitioner's attention to the need for immediate complete denture fabrication. The aims, advantages and disadvantages of immediate dentures as well as contraindications are described in detail.
Modern procedures for immediate complete denture fabrication as well as instructions to patients about wearing the denture and mouth and denture hygiene are given.
A need for a timely rebasing of immediate dentures and adjustment of the occlusion is also pointed out. The functional, aesthetic and psychological success of immediate dentures depends on correct indication, diagnosis, treatment planning and precisely executed fabrication procedures.


fabrication procedures; immediate complete denture

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