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Juraj Dubrovčanin (Georgius Raguseius) and "Ars brevis" of Raymod Lull (Raymundus Lullus)

Erna Banić-Pajnić ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Our presentation consists of two main parts. The first refers to hitherto unelaborated manuscript of Juraj Dubrovčanin (Georgius Raguseius) from Dubrovnik Expositio Georgii Ragusei super Artem Breve Raymundi Lullii. It is a short, probably unfinished text, which refers to the shortened version of the ars of Raymundus Lullus, a 13th century three-order Franciscan from Majorca, known as »Doctor illuminatus« and who is considered the author of over two hundred works.
To make it easier to understand the attitudes of Juraj Dubrovčanin toward Lullʼs ars, and given that the interest for this ars is still manifested in the Renaissance by the most important representatives of Renaissance philosophy such as Nicholas of Cusa, Pico della Mirandola, Agrippa of Nettesheim, John Dee, Lefèvre dʼÉtaples, Paracelsus, and even by some croatian philosophers, e. g. Paulus Scalichius and Gulio Camillo Delminio, in the second part we explain the basic features of Lullʼs ars. First of all we try to expound the meaning of the four figures or images that form the basis of Lullʼs ars.
In this part of the presentation we show how Lullus, founding his art on the nine basic principles, God’s attributes, that are designated with the letters of the alphabet from B to K, and presenting their relationships, also designated with the letters, as an infinite number of possible combinations obtained thanks to moving the circles in which the letters are inscribed, tried, with an utmostly formalized system of thought, to neutralize differences in the attitudes of Christians, Jews and Muslims.
In the final section we point out that the interest in ars Lulliana was again revived in recent times due to the fact that some supporters of modern philosophy find in the ars some sort of precursor of symbolic logic and of modern ways of organizing knowledge.


Georgius Raguseius (Juraj Dubrovčanin), Raymond Lull (Ramon Llull), Ars Lulliana, Ars brevis

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