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Understanding Some Parts of the Mass in the Light of Pierce’s Theory of Signs

Slavko Krajnc orcid id ; Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Peirce's semiotics includes interpersonal messages in the broadest sense of the word: body language, movements, gestures, signs, language, etc., in short, everything in the liturgy that has a fundamental significance for accessing the "sanctuary of liturgy" or understanding the liturgy. Peirce tried to encompass all the phenomena with three phenomenological categories: Firstness, Secondness and Thirdness, which also in the area of liturgy provides a deeper understanding of ceremonial parts. That is why the author divided his discussion into two parts: the first part outlines the theory of Charles Sanders Peirce with examples that only indicate the way of applying the theory to the understanding of the liturgy; in the second part, he starts from the liturgy and tries to interpret some parts of the Mass with the help of Peirce's triadic division of sign in view of three basic categories of conclusion that Peirce uses to define a person's perception of meaning as such.


Peirce’s theory of signs, the analysis of the liturgy, symbols in the Mass ritual, semiotics, the spiritual meaning of Mass’ parts

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