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A Relevant Factor in the Identity of Rijeka and an Example of Croatian Contribution to the Globalised World. Cultural-Historical Essay

Juraj Lokmer

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In the old part of the city of Rijeka, on a chipped stone plate there is a name of the street "Sime Kozicic", which disappeared in the eve of the seventies by the "sanitary" and unselective devastation of an entire block of houses, southern to the cathedral of Saint Vid.
This plate is the only public remembrance that this city gave to the great Croat Simun KoziCic Benja (Zadar, 1480-1536), whose father was from Zadar, and mother from a Venetian patrician family. He was the bishop of Modrus, a skilled latinist, an eloquent speaker and a distinguished participant of the Lateran Council, a refugee and the first owner of a printing press in Rijeka, distributer, translator and editor of glagolitic publications. He printed in Rijeka six glagolitic books in the Old-Slavonic and Croatian languages (in the local "ča" dialect). By doing this, Kozicic promoted the city of Rijeka to the


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