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Conference paper

Recognition of Old Constructional Characteristics and Signs

Ivan Muhovec ; University North, University Center Varaždin
Božo Soldo ; University North, University Center Varaždin
Matija Orešković ; University North, University Center Varaždin
Aleksej Aniskin orcid id ; University North, University Center Varaždin

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Today's complex communication space is interwoven with many different forms and techniques that have been created and altered through milleniums. Contemporary communication observes the sense of hearing as the front runner of the main communication canal! If this is true, we should also look at the other side of the coin. Hearing is a very fragile communication category especially in a longer time span when it becomes an unreliable source. The emergence of the script more than 5000 years ago (Sumer) substituted the main flaw of hearing (inconstancy) but there is another communication category that had sponetaneously emerged way before the script. This communication category which could always „say a lot with few words“ is known as construction. But in order to be able „to read“ the „building/construction signs“, there is an imperative of prior deciphering the „built-in codes“. This articles puts an emphasise on deciphering some of the prevailing codes in human construction history.


Construction, construction sign/codes, orientation in space, signs in stone and brick, miners' signs, building characteristics with regard to style and form, golden ratio

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