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Preliminary communication

Seismic resistance of stone masonry building and effect of grouting

Mojmir Uranjek
Roko Žarnić
Violeta Bokan-Bosiljkov
Vlatko Bosiljkov

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Grout injection is one of the most effective and often most appropriate techniques for strengthening of old stone masonry walls. In order to assess the influence of different types of injection grouts on the mechanical properties of masonry, an actual stone masonry building was tested in-situ using various testing methods. The results obtained were used to evaluate seismic resistance of a building using the pushover method, and considering the storey mechanism approach and the global response mechanism. More compatible types of grouts can match cement grouts. The results show that the global response approach provides more realistic results even for low-rise masonry buildings.


Stone masonry, strengthening, mechanical properties, grouting, grout type, seismic resistance

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