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Original scientific paper

Frano Ženko Donadini – a Less-Known Visitor of the West-Hungarian Croats

Stjepan Krpan ; Zagreb, Croatia

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The paper begins with a review of the activities of educators and researchers from the old homeland who went among the Croats in West Hungary from the 16th century to the fall of the Monarchy. The author reviews the results of their visits and published works on this topic. Frano Ženko Donadini (1878–1963) was an Austro-Hungarian soldier in Kormend in the First World War. During his visits to the Croatian villages in the vicinity of that town he made valuable notes on the state of preservation of the Croatian language, on the number of inhabitants, on schools, churches, the level of Magyarisation, the number of Croatian books. He likewise registered some popular songs. All this he published in the booklet: Croats around Kormend (in Hungary) – Split 1915. This booklet brought about a response, although it was not written by a professional researcher but by a patriot who had dedicated a part of his military time to the enlightenment of his fellow Croats. The paper gives biographic information on F. Ž. Donadini, and notes his work in Croatian cultural-educational institutions and community organizations.


Frano Ženko Donadini; Croats; Hungary

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