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Conference paper

The Ethnic Identity of Croatian Intellectuals in Hungary

Tihomir Telišman ; Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, Zagreb, Croatia

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Croatian intellectuals, members of the Croatian national minority in Hungary, constitute today its dominant subgroup, which – as opposed to the other members of the minority – has a layered ethnic identity, and is actively engaged in creating an ethnic ideology. Their ethnic identity is to a great degree determined by contacts with the cultural matrix of the Croatian nation, and by their full participation in presenting the Croatian minority culture in Hungary. Furthermore, this identity is manifested through active participation of Croatian intellectuals in the work of Croatian minority institutions: the Democratic Union of South Slavs, schools, clubs etc. As opposed to other members of the Croatian national minority in Hungary, Croatian intellectuals provide an irreplaceable contribution in treating and presenting the Croatian ideology in the Hungarian milieu. Thus, in such a way, they also give a great contribution to the social life of the Croatian national minority and its socio-political status in Hungary.


ethnic identity; intellectuals; Croats; Hungary

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