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Original scientific paper

FM Radio and Youth: Listeners or Users?

Marina Mučalo orcid id ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Domagoj Knežević ; graduated in Journalism at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science, Croatia

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A survey conducted in the spring of 2013, says that Zagreb’s high school students are not regular listeners to FM radio programs. The dominant media is the Internet, which is used a few hours a day, mostly for Facebook. Despite the expressed need for music, the linear and passive nature of FM radio, does not correspond to the individual requirements of young and networked users. The Internet is the most popular daily source for music, with ability to download, while smartphones are becoming devices for storage and playback. However, this survey has shown that students are interested in web radio sites. Changes in media preferences and habits caused by the Internet show us the importance of information literacy, as a basic skill for participation in a networked society.


FM radio; listening; youth; Internet; radio web sites

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