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Preliminary communication

Influence of the Cycling Loading Method on the Fatigue Life of Surface-Hardened Steel Sheets

K. Kovalová
I. Mamuzić
M. Buršák

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The paper analyses the influence of blasting under the following conditions: the size of blasting particles of 0,9 mm, the impact angle of 75° and the pressure of 0,5 MPa on the fatigue properties of blasted sheets made of RSt 37-2 grade. Blasting, as one of the ways of the surface hardening and the surface preparation before surface finish, results in the hardening and the increase in roughness of sheet. The above-mentioned facts influence the fatigue process in the dependence on the cycling loading method. During tension fatigue tests with the tension-zero cycle, the fatigue limit of as-blasted sheet decreased and during symmetrical bending fatigue tests its fatigue limit increased. The paper analyses the causes of the measured results.


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