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Original scientific paper

Yugoslav Immigrant Organizations in Sweden: Relation to Swedish Society

Henry Bäck ; Center for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

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In Sweden there are about 1,000 local immigrant associations. The majority of these are affiliated in thirty-odd confederations that are primarily organised on the nationality basis. The biggest confederations are those organised by the Finns and the Yugoslavs. Yugoslavs in Sweden, for instance, tend to become members of Yugoslav associations more often than Yugoslavs in other countries. About 130 local associations make up the Confederation of Yugoslav Associations. Besides, there are nine Croatian associations, which are independent organisations outside the Confederation, but there are also separate Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Albanian, Hungarian, and Turkish associations. In this paper a model for a description of emigrant organisations' functions is developed.


immigrant association; Sweden; Yugoslavs; Croats

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