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Original scientific paper

Analysis of Interface at Explosive Welded Plates from Low-Carbon Steel and Titanium

B. Kosec
L. Kosec
G. Čevnik
P. Fajfar
M. Gojić
I. Anžel

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page 83-86

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On the basis of experimentally obtained data, it was established that a very thin layer of a melt is generated at the explosive welding of two metals at the bond interface within which impurities flow at the bond during melting. Rapid cooling after the collision generates an alloy of different structure and very small grains of an average thickness approximately 1 to 2 mm. The generation of such an amorphous layer in the bond area has been noticed with various metal combinations and represents a fundamental mechanism of explosive welding of metals. Using the metallographic analysis, the development of the vortices which were formed by the explosive welding of low-carbon steel and titanium plates is described in the paper.


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