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Željko Sudarić ; Veleučilište Lavoslav Ružička u Vukovaru – Upravni studij, Vukovar, Hrvatska

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Today is an entire society strongly influenced by globalization, and therefore affected by the global economic crisis and a slowdown in economic activity. The global economic crisis has manifested itself also in Croatia, stopping economic growth and a significant reduction in production and consumption, and the drop in gross domestic product. Developed entrepreneurial competencies of individuals and society as a whole, and in light of the global economic crisis is a fundamental precondition for the successful growth and development. The sector of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship play a key role in the growth and development of the economy, with the purpose of market competitiveness, the region and the European Union. In this paper we show that the main engine of growth of any modern economy’s SME sector, and that the economic crisis can be overcome development and investment in the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship.


SME sector; entrepreneurship; EU; economy

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