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Original scientific paper

Consolidation of Yugoslav Socialism through an Ideological Apparatus of the State

Marko Fuček orcid id ; Elementary school Fran Krsto Frankopan, Zagreb, Croatia

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In this paper, the consolidation of Yugoslav socialism is primarily observed through the attempts of creating a socialist society. It is treated with the concept of the ideological state apparatuses (ISA) as designed by Louis Althusser. According to this concept, the ISA represent a stake and also a place of class struggle, and the exercise of hegemony in them is a condition for a prolonged maintenance of any class state power. The function of ISA is primarily observed through their role in the reproduction of the superstructure in the Marxist sense. The communication ISA, as a whole, exercised the function of reproduction within the framework of its activities, chiefly presenting a specific image of work as a socially oriented activity and an act of self-actualization. The religion ISA, in the case of socialist societies, including the Yugoslav, has lost its position and role, and basically it ceased to function as an ISA in the full sense. The most important spot of the old society elements’ survival is the family ISA, therefore it is also the spot of the greatest contradictions between the socialist base and pre-revolutionary forms of family. The importance of the education ISA, generally crucial in modern societies, has been further strengthened in socialism because other than the function of implanting the ideology to the new generations, it should, as far as possible, compensate the impact of pre-revolutionary family forms. Finally, the Yugoslav socialism has been largely consolidated through most of the ISA, still this consolidation remains incomplete. It is incomplete within certain ISA where the old elements stay beneath the new upgrades, and incomplete since it does not include all the ISA.


Yugoslav socialism, Louis Althusser, Ideological state apparatuses, Media, Religion, Family, Education

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