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Managing the tourist destination image: The case of Africa

Tafadzwa Matiza orcid id ; Department of Management, School of Management and Economics, University of Limpopo, Sovenga, South Africa
Olabanji A Oni ; Department of Management, School of Management and Economics, University of Limpopo, Sovenga, South Africa

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The tourist destination image is becoming increasing detrimental to the success of individual tourist destinations. More-so, for African tourist destinations which are often victims of the negative global stereotypes and perceptions that exist of the continent. With this in mind, this paper explores the concept and role of destination image in the wider tourism context and goes on to utilise literature to establish the impact of the tourism destination image to the ability of African tourist destinations to increase tourist arrivals to their locations. This paper posits the conceptual destination-brand identity and image as a strategic framework in the formation, communication and effective stakeholder targeting of a positive destination identity by African destination management organisations. This paper goes on to briefly describe each step in the conceptual destination-brand identity and image. Importantly this paper advocates for African destination management organisations to proactively manage their identities in order to positively influence the images that their countries have as tourist destinations in light of increased global competition for tourists in the global tourism market. Finally we identify the need for further qualitative research to explore the subjective nature of tourism destination identity and image management, as well as, recommend the need to establish insights into the management implications of the conceptual model of destination-brand identity and image for African destination management organisations.


tourist destination; destination brand-identity; destination-image; destination management organisations; Africa

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