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THERE EXISTS ONLY A PRIVATE GESTURE, an expose of the corpus of Slavonian war writings

Goran Rem ; Pedagoški fakultet, Osijek

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Slavonian war writing can be looked upon as a separate genre system of documentary poetics. This constellation was created by a typical migration, mixing and interlacing of original features, the first elements of mass media, art and cultural writing.
Interpretations of that state were created by the war documentary projects, based on the receptive and productive connection of Vinkovci and Osijek. War troubled cultural identities of these two towns replied with their contemporary and/or heritary resources. The town of Vinkovci, as a researched segment of time between 1991 od 1994 shows, was highly productive in "Slavonian war writing", with a special care for Vukovar, llok and Županja.
This paper is determined amd directed by (1) the memory of contemporary and historical names (of people and places), (2) the memory of the beginning of the war that is to say the accumulation of the evil forces, (3) and the primary written persuasiveness (intensity, suggestiveness, respect for the recent cultural facts).


documentary poetics, Slavonian war writings, Vinkovci, Osijek, Vukovar

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