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Original scientific paper

Solvent Polarity and Supporting Electrolyte Concentration Influences on Faradaic Conductivity of Quinhydrone Solutions

Šebojka Komorsky-Lovrić ; Military School for Technical Sciences, Ilica 246b, Zagreb, Croatia
Milivoj Lovrić ; Center for Marine Research Zagreb, »Ruđer Bošković« Institute, POB 1016, 41001 Zagreb, Croatia

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page 625-635

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Using micrometer twin-electrode thin-layer cell, the heterogeneous redox reaction of quinhydrone is explored in water and in mixed solvents with the ratios of toluene : acetonitrile = 9:1 and 4:6. The concentration of the supporting electrolyte is varied from zero to 0.5 mol/L. Supporting electrolyte decreases the kinetic polarization of electrodes and increases the faradaic current until concentration polarization occurs. In dilute electrolytes, the migration of redox species influences the limiting current significantly. The mechanism of reduction and oxidation of quinhydrone and the conditions required for permanent faradaic conduction are determined empirically.


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