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Original scientific paper

The Estate of the Volcassio Family in Medieval Dubrovnik

Irena Benyovsky Latin ; Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb, Croatia
Stipe Ledić ; Catholic University of Croatia in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The article traces the history of the Volcassio family estate in medieval Dubrovnik. This noble family was among the greatest urban property owners, whose members participated actively in the political and economic activities of the city. The estates of Volcasio Johannis (Vukas Ivanić) and his sons Pasqua and Damianus Volcassio have been identified, along with those of other family members, all mainly located in the suburb south of the Plaça (later centre of the town), which include the plots of land used for housing or rent. By grounding the research on a wealth of original documents entered into the computer database, the authors analyse the positioning and expansion of the Volcassio family estates with regard to legal regulation, social conditions and urban communal development which peaked in the second half of the thirteenth century.


Volcassio (Vukasović) family; medieval Dubrovnik; properties; urbanism

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