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Original scientific paper

Language and graphic of the Bosnian and Hum inscriptions

Marinka Šimić ; Staroslavenski institut

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The overview of graphic features and language forms in this corpus allows us to conclude that most of these texts are written in Croatian Cyrillic or Bosnian Cyrillic, that is, all but a handful of the oldest ones in which there are no characteristic features of Croatian Cyrillic and Serbian Cyrillic inscriptions (Trebinje, Ljubinje, Berlin, Gorazde). The analysis has shown that they preserved graphic and orthographic solutions also characteristic to Glagolitsa, or common to both Slavic alphabets. This confirms that the scribes were familiar with orthographic norms and that they complied with them. The older and younger linguistic characteristics are intertwined on all linguistic levels, often on the same monument.


Bosnian and Hum inscriptions, Croatian Cyrillic, graphic, language

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