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Review article

Comparative Method in Public Administration Research: Potentials and Problems

Goranka Lalić Novak orcid id ; Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

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The paper explains the development of comparative public administration as one of the disciplines of administrative science that can be defined in three ways: as the examination of administrative systems using the comparative method, as the examination of public administration in other countries, or as the enquiry into the causes and regularities which present themselves in public administration
of other countries. Comparative public administration began to expand after World War II, and its development has been facilitated by various factors, among others the need to expand the subject of administrative science. The paper examines the subject, purpose and methodology, as well as the limitations of comparative examination of public administration. Concluding remarks refer to the theoretical approaches in which comparative public administration can be examined with an emphasis on neoinstitutional approach.


comparative method, comparative public administration, research, neoinstitutional approach

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