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Review article

Public Administration and Political System in France: The Central Role of the State, Administration and Law

Iva Lopižić orcid id ; Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb

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The paper deals with French political-administrative system, which is traditionally perceived to be resting on the central role of the state that relies on strong administrative system that is dominated by legal values. The main characteristics of the French political-administrative system that could be derived from this conception are centralization, top-down approach, dense network of state functionaries and bodies throughout the territory, uniformity of administrative structures, high professionalism of public servants, strong social state, nationalization,
and dirigisme. The paper consists of seven chapters that, by nalysing
different aspects of political-administrative system, describe state and local institutions, their functioning and new developmental trends suggesting that, because of global trends and contemporary administrative doctrines, France is moving away from the traditional model of public government by strengthening local self-government and promoting economic values in public administration. The paper explains the historical development of French administration, its political system, central and local administration, public services, civil servants’ system, and the conducted reforms.


political-administrative system, France, strong state, professional administration, legal values

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