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Original scientific paper

The effect of disturbed mineral nutrition on Picea omorika Pančić needles – a single case study

H. Lepeduš
V. Cesar
E. Has-Schön

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page 293-304

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A widespread conifer forest decline in Europe and North America has been expressed through various combinations of symptoms. In our study, unspecific biochemical indicators and histological findings were compared with visually assessed damage symptoms in order to get a detailed diagnosis of a single declining Picea omorika Pančić tree. By measuring the content of photosynthetic pigments and proteins as well as total guaiacol peroxidase activity we confirmed an altered physiological state of the investigated tree. Histological analysis showed specific patterns of decline for Mg and K deficient trees.


Picea omorika, photosynthetic pigments, proteins, peroxidase activity, needle histology

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