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Preliminary communication

A Case Study of DGPS Positioning Accuracy for LBS

Renato Filjar
Lidija Bušić
Tomislav Kos

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The importance of differential satellite positioning has been intensively questioned in recent times, especially after ceasing of the selective availability (SA) in standard GPS positioning service. Almost without exception, experimental studies have confirmed the improvement in satellite positioning given by differential corrections still exists. In this article, the improvement of positioning accuracy for LBS obtained by differential GPS (DGPS) positioning method is addressed, based on experimental data analysis. Differential GPS positioning accuracy is discussed in relation to satisfaction of LBS positioning accuracy requirements and comparison with standard GPS positioning. While the implementation of DGPS positioning method still does not lead to satisfaction of the high-level LBS positioning performance requirements, it still improves and stabilises
standard-level positioning accuracy for LBS.


differential GPS, location-based services, positioning accuracy, satellite positioning

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