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Original scientific paper

Spatial Distribution of Patrician Houses in the City of Dubrovnik According to the Census of 1817

Ivana Lazarević orcid id ; Institute for Historical Sciences of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The census of 1817 (Popolazione del Circolo di Ragusa dell’anno 1817), taken by the Austrian authorities, is the oldest individual enumeration of the City of Dubrovnik. Based on the data available, this article analyses the spatial distribution of the patrician real property within the urban area of Dubrovnik. Although the nobility who ruled the Dubrovnik Republic until its fall in 1808 represented merely 4.02% of the overall population, the proportion of the real property in the City that they either owned or occupied (11.57%) exceeded the nobility’s size by three times. Patrician houses were usually located in the elite City sexteria: lining the Placa or in the parallel streets next to it.


Dubrovnik, census of 1817, nobility, sexteria, elite quarter, urban development, house

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