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Original scientific paper

Mechanical and structural response of AISI 4135 steel after controlled cooling process

P. Kučera ; Vitkovice Cylinders Inc., Czech Republic
E. Mazancová ; VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Czech Republic

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AISI 4135 steel is a commonly used material for high strength applications such as shafts, forgings and high pressure steel cylinders. The mentioned steel is used in a variety of microalloying by Nb, Ti, V, N, respectively of those elements combinations. In this presented paper, three different microalloyed (by N and V) heats of mentioned steel were studied. Three heat treatment modes were applied. The first mode was based on heating at 700 °C, subsequent quenching and tempering at 470 °C. In the second and the third mode the material was heated at 890 °C and subsequently different controlled cooling process followed in both modes. Microstructural and microfractographic analyses compared with found mechanical properties were part of the solution.


AISI 4135; heat treatment; control rolling; microstructure; mechanical properties

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