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Original scientific paper

Domain–specific Cognitive Models in a Multi–Domain Term Base

Bruno Nahod orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb

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More recent approaches to terminology incorporate premises from cognitive linguistics
and sociolinguistics in their theoretical framework. Although such approaches range from
general theoretical frameworks to more practical models based on a specific cognitive
theory, none provides explicit guidelines on how to incorporate theoretical findings into
a multi–domain term base, such as Struna. Struna (Stojanov et al. 2009; Struna 2012)
is a national database of Croatian Special Field Terminology. Since the Struna database
includes a wide array of specialized domains, this entails the design of a new sociocognitive model that integrates premises from modern terminology theory and cognitive
sociolinguistics into a usable practical framework for a multi–domain term base.


sociocognitive linguistics; terminology; Struna

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