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Review article

Comparative Study on Refunding College Entry Fees in Selected Countries of the World

Mirko Lukaš ; Filozofski fakultet u Osijeku
Darko Samardžić ; Osnovna škola Vladimira Nazora Nova Bukovica

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This work analyses differences in methods of refunding college entry fees within educational systems in selected countries of the world: Australia, India, Israel, Japan, China and Russia. Its aim is to determine financing methods of college entries in above mentioned countries by analysing legal acts. Introduction shows socio – economic characteristics such as territory, population, religious beliefs and political systems. Types of higher education institutions in observed countries are also represented, as well as requirements for entering selected higher education institutions. This research will try to elaborate on two selected categories such as terms of entry and financing the system of higher education. Interpretations of comparative categories that are determined by aims of this research are given in the discussion and presentation of these categories in the Republic of Croatia. Differences in ways and terms of entry to higher education, as well as entry fees and student loans in studied countries, are presented in the conclusion. The paper points out particularities that set apart and offer various examples and possible solutions to this problem in Croatian higher education.


state subventions; student loans; terms of entry; institutions of higher education; entry fees

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