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Seven centuries from the first mention of the island of Mrkan in the title of the Trebinje bishops

Ivica Puljić ; Parish Office Neum, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The diocese of Trebinje was first mentioned in 1022 in the papal bull of Pope Benedict VIII (1012-1024) from which it could be concluded that the diocese was established at the end of the tenth century. Until the second half of the 12th century it enjoyed freedom whereas with Nemanja's conquest of the coast it was brought to a subordinate position comparing to the Raska (Serbian) orthodoxy. In the mid 13th century, its first bishop was expelled but some time after 1286 the diocese was restored again. The beginning of the 13th century brought the news on the violent persecution of Catholics in the Serbian kingdom. The bishop of Trebinje, who lived in the former Benedictine monastery on the bestowed island of Mrkan, was exiled by King Milutin, at the latest in the war with Dubrovnik from 1217 to 1218. Since then the name Mrkan has been preserved in the title of the Bishop of Trebinje.


Trebinje; Mrkan; the Diocese of Trebinje-Mrkan; Dubrovnik

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