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Louis I the Great (1342 to 1382) in medieval documents of the Bosnia-Hum rulers

Milko Brković

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In the documents of the medieval Bosnia-Hum rulers, Louis I the Great was considered the "king of happy memories" regarding the fact that he was their sovereign through the hereditary Croatian Kingdom, which he was very fond of, and a part of which was, at the time of his predecessors, the Bosnian Banat as well. Also, due to marital alliance with Bosnia and Hum, he managed to return Dalmatia to Croatian Kingdom, as a part of his great Hungarian-Croatian Kingdom. After his death and numerous intrigues at the Hungarian court, the Bosnian rulers, especially King Tvrtko, hoped to inherit a part of the Hungarian-Croatian Kingdom, i.e. the territory of the Croatian Kingdom, especially when Croatian and Dalmatian towns came under Bosnian military control. In the document issued to the citizens of Trogir in 1390, Louis I was four times referred to as 'brother' by King Tvrtko. Similar were the findings from other documents issued to Dalmatian cities, although Louis's legal heirs were still alive. The author of this paper, but also some earlier historians, claim that Tvrtko felt he should succeed Louis I to the crown of Croatia, as he did to the crown of Raska. The evidence for these facts can be found in the documents of the Split delegates from the same 1390, in which Tvrtko was already referred to as Rex Dalmatiae et Croatiae, although he had not yet been crowned. In the following years his successors also arrogated this title to themselves. While Tvrtko, being a Ban, was obliged to recognize Louis I as a sovereign, he consequently considered himself as the latter's successor in the territory of the Kingdom of Croatia and Dalmatia.


Zadar Peace Treaty; Louis I; Dalmatia; Bosnia-Hum rulers; medieval documents; Croatian Kingdom

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