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Review article

Logotherapeutic approach to depression

Boris Vidović ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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In this paper we will deal with depression, i.e. depression dis- order, and the possibility that the logo-therapy of Viktor E. Frankl offers in understudying and processing the treatment of this dis- order. According to some indicators, depression is one of the most widespread diseases of our time and deserves to be discussed about considering the logo-therapeutic approach. The specificity of this approach is to understand the human being as a psycho-somatic- spiritual being. Starting from that anthropological premise, the accent is on spiritual dimension as a bearer of human acts, that spa- ce of human liberty which, despite the illness, has an opportunity to be confronted with various conditions. According to that approach, the basic human life direction is related to the realization of values that are objectively present in the world. The loss of those values, i.e. of the meaning in life, leads to existential frustration, which in combination with psycho-somatic symptoms creates noogen depre- ssion, a depression whose roots lie in spiritual dimension. On the other hand, thanks to the spiritual dimension people have ability to self-transcend, to keep distance from their own symptoms, which allows them to have a life full of meaning, despite the illness.


depression; depressive disorder; noogen depression; existential analysis; logo-therapy

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